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Founder’s note:

What we’ve achieved so far with Art for Education has been surreal, and it’s almost unbelievable that we’re hosting a second edition. I am grateful to God for being with us through what has been a strenuous year for Nigerians living here in Nigeria. 

We, who live above the poverty line, have been greatly affected by the year’s events. If we so much can attest to how trying the year has been, imagine what it’s been like for the people who don’t have access to the privileges we enjoy. 

At Real Impact, we believe in educating every child regardless of their financial background, which is why the Equipped to Learn Initiative was created. This initiative aims to provide public school students access to materials that improve the quality of learning.  

Last year, we held the first edition of Art for Education, an exhibition of 30 works from 14 talented artists. The exhibition was a true reflection of the pure endeavours in art. With the support of everyone, we were able to provide learning kits to 1000 students across four public primary schools in Lagos. We made a difference, a real impact. 

This year, we set a new goal to raise enough for learning kits for 5000 students. It is my uttermost pleasure to welcome our amazing artists from last year and a couple of new artists who, again, were so willing to put up their works and be a part of this cause. This exhibition boasts artistic talent, experience, styles and various mediums, all available under one roof. 

I am in awe of the support received for this year’s event. To all our sponsors – corporate and individual, our artists, and other friends of the initiative, I say a big thank you. It is and will always be my hope and prayer that we will achieve all we set out to and continue to contribute to making a “Real Impact” in Education in Nigeria. 

As we approach the close of the year, I pray for an amazing end to the year for us all. Let me be the first to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and the best in 2023. Grab a drink, and enjoy the best of Nigerian art.

Karen Abah


December 2022

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